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L6 – Traditional BA BA (Hons) Community and Youth Work | The University of Sunderland

L6 – Integrated Degree Apprenticeship BA (Hons) Community and Youth Work (Integrated Degree Apprenticeship) | The University of Sunderland

L6 – Traditional BA with an integrated foundation year BA (Hons) Community and Youth Work Studies with Integrated Foundation Year | The University of Sunderland

L7 – MA with a qualifying JNC Youth Work route MA Childhood and Youth Studies | The University of Sunderland


Youth Work is a fantastic career. You will find Youth Workers supporting young people in a variety of settings and services. The one thing that unites them is the belief and use of the underlying principles and practices of Youth Work.

Starting Out

Lots of people (including young people) start their Youth Work career as a volunteer, or a part time assistant, and as they gain more experience and training - they progress.


Youth work is a distinct profession, it's qualifications are endorsed by the 'Joint Negotiation Comitee' JNC - made up of employers and unions. Responsibility for validating courses and ensuring quality is delegated via the National Youth Agency to the Youth Work English Education Standards Committee (ETS), and independent body made up of representatives of the sector. 

If a qualification doesn't say it's JNC, it's not youth work and consequently won't be recognised as such on job applications. 

Level 2 is for individuals who assist in youth projects - similar to a School Playground Assistant. Training content builds on knowledge and understanding from the Level 2 Award as individuals progress.


Youth Work Qualifications and training are often linked to levels of responsibilities outlined in youth work job descriptions and pay.

Level 3 is for individuals who manage small scale provisions, teams or have specialist responsibilities - similar to a Teaching Assistant.


the Level 3  Apprenticeship is the equivalent of the Level 3 Diploma


If a person successfully completes their Level 3 Qualification they are eligible to apply for entry onto a degree programme and will have 'youth work' in the title.

Level 6 and above is for individuals who manage large scale or multiple provisions, teams or have specialist responsibilities - equivalent to a Teaching or Social Work Degree

Apprenticeship Degree

the Level 6 Apprenticeship in Youth Work is a BA Honours

Once qualified there are lots of opportunities to continue your leaning and career progression.

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